Recycle your X-Ray Film

Just as many people are recycling at home to earn a little extra money, your business can also turn out dated archived x-rays into cash. If you are in the medical, industrial, or dental fields then you are likely to have x-ray film that is no longer needed. Medical and dental offices need to retain x-ray film and other documents for a pre-described period of time. It is common that medical doctors and dentist often retain these documents and x-rays well beyond the required period of time. Rather than destroying and having the material end up in a land fill turn your x-ray film in to cash.

Recycling your x-ray film is fast and easy. Just contact us to get a FREE Estimate on the value of your surplus x-ray film. Here are some reasons why you should recycle x-ray film.

  • Clear out rooms of stored medical and dental x-ray film
  • We make it easy and pick up the film at your office
  • Receive best pricing on your X-Ray Film
  • Earn Cash Today!

We recycle film from more industries than just medical and dental. We also refine NDT and Industrial X-Ray Film. Some other types of film we recycle are photographic film, lithographic film and any other type of film that contains silver.